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My name is Dan Belcher.

I have been creating professional sand sculptures around the world since 1990.  I am honored to have learned from many pioneers of the art form, and now get the privilege of collaborating and making friends with the best, new, talented, and amazing sand sculptors from around the World!

Since my first professional sand sculpture project in 1990, I have had the privilege of working with, and compete against most of the top sculptors in the profession, while creating numerous projects throughout North America, Australia, Japan, China, Italy  and the Middle East.

Since 1992, in addition to many other contest prizes, I have worked with my teammates to win:

9- Team World Championships- with Sandscapes
2-  Doubles World Championship-
2011 w/ Karen Fralich and 2006 w/ Kevin Crawford 
3- Solo World Championships- 2007, 2006 & 2005

I also have a Landscape Architecture degree from Kansas State University, and continue to find time to work in the Architecture/ Engineering field as an Urban Designer/ Landscape Architect in my home town of St. Louis, Missouri. When all this is not getting in my way, I love brewing beer and being with good friends.