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Shown below are some images from some of the latest projects and competition pieces:

Phoenix  Phoenix  
Ft. Myers American SandSculpting Championships - Ft. Myers, FL
Title: "Phoenix"
3rd Place
Notes: This was an interesting one. After the first of 2 1/2 days, my piece collapsed.  I guess that I pushed the limits of the sand a bit too far.  So, the only thing to do was to make something new.  And since I had no plan ready, I just ran with whatever seemed to work, given what was left.

World of Wonders  World of Wonders2  World of Wonders3
Arts in Action Invitational - Port Angeles, WA
Title: "World of Wonders"
1st Place & "Sculptors' Choice" Prize
Contest Theme: Wonders of the World

Ouroboros   Ouroboros2
New England Sand Sculpting Festival - Revere Beach, MA
Title: "Ouroboros"
2nd Place

Grace CC-Lion-Lamb  Grace CC-Lion-Lamb  Grace CC-Lion-Lamb
Grace Community Chapel - St. Peters, MO
Lion and Lamb
"One Day"


Lindenwood Lions Logo - St. Charles, MO
High density Foam
5' x 8' x 4 inches thick
Notes: Mr Bob Aschen of Master Signs saw the "Lion and Lamb" sculpture and contacted me about collaborating on relief piece that he was commissioned to created for Lindenwood University.  It was a new medium for me, but I enjoyed the process of making something that will last more than a few weeks!

  Classic Poets  Dante Poets2  Homer-Ovid  Homer  Ovid  Horace  Horace1   Lucan_1  Lucan1  Lucan2  Lucan3  Circle2  Demon  Demon2  
Jesolo, Italy- "The Inferno" by Dante Aligheri
Circle 1: Limbo and the Classic Poets
working with
Sultans of Sand

JohnHenry   JohnHenry
JohnHenry  JohnHenry

Contest- Tottori, Japan
Theme: "Fairy Tales and Legends"
10 sculptors from 10 Countries
Each contestant created a piece representing a story from their own country.
500 Tons of Sand
10 days
My piece for this contest was "John Henry: American Folk Hero"

 Other Photos of the Event

John Henry is a legendary hero from American folk tales. His story tells of his race against a steam powered hammer (or steam drill) on the railroad construction line. John Henry won the race, but died in his effort. He has been the subject of numerous songs, stories, plays, and novels.

In the most popular version of the story, Henry is born into the world big and strong. He grows to become the greatest "steel-driver" in the mid-century push to erect the railroads across the mountains to the West.  When the owner of the railroad buys a steam-powered hammer to do the work of his mostly black driving crew, to save his job and the jobs of his men, John Henry challenges the owner to a contest: himself alone versus the steam hammer.  John Henry beats the machine, but exhausted, collapses and dies.

One legend has it that he was a slave born in Missouri in the 1840’s and fought his famous battle with the steam hammer along the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway in Talcott, West Virginia. Songs featuring the story of John Henry have been sung by many blues, folk, and rock musicians.