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Shown below are some images from some projects and competition pieces in 2008:

Angel_with_Horn   Nativity

Sand Nativity -  Jesolo, Italy
9 sculptors from 5 Countries
500 Tons of Sand
9 days
My piece for this edition was "The Birth of Jesus"

Harrison_Land Grab   Harrison_Land Grab   Harrison_Land Grab   PyleDriverz Prepare   PyleDriverz Pilez!

World Championships- Harrison Hot Springs, BC
 2nd Place  
"People's Choice!"

After a great run of 3 consecutive Solo World Championships I accepted an invitation from two very talented friends Martijn Rijerse (Netherlands) and Hanneke Supply (Belgium) to enter the Team competition.  Together with 2 other amazing long-time friends and co-workers, Karen Fralich (Canada) and Brad Goll (USA), we formed "The Pyle Driverz".

 Together we worked out a design for an idea I had called "Land Grab".   Everyone added their great ideas and unique touches.  In the piece 4 greedy characters (characterized by the human faults of  gluttony, rage, pride and jealousy) are grabbing up the land and leaving the normal people with less and less.
 In a field of 7 very talented teams we finished 2nd in the judging and also won the Mark Altamare Memorial Trophy for the "People's Choice Award".
Also, being the winner of the first two
"Joe Maize Memorial"  trophies for the Solo World Championship (since its innauguration in 2006) I was honored by being asked to announce the winner of this year's award,  Carl Jara.

Quebec Entry   Quebec Entry Ship   
Quebec City, Quebec  ExpoCite'
400th Anniversary of founding of Quebec
Group International Project
RiverWay 2008   
Riverway Festival - Davenport, IA
Project for River Action 

Final Movement   Final Movement-Close up

Arts in Action Invitational - Port Angeles, WA
Title: "Music: The Final Movement"
1st Place
 Contest Theme: Great Inventions
The Flame

New England Sand Sculpting Festival - Reve   re Beach, MA
Title: "The Flame"
5th Place
Grace CC Eagle   Grace CC-Eagle Back

Grace Community Chapel - St. Peters, MO
Eagle for Independence Day
Magic House 08   Magic House 08

Magic House Children's Museum - St. Louis, MO
working for  Sandscapes

Guide Me Swiftly Home   Bow head   Guide Me Swiftly Home   Guide Me Swiftly Home 

Tournament of Champions - Harrison Hot Springs, BC
1st Place "Sculptor's Choice"
This year I teamed with my friend and co-worker (and teacher) Kevin Crawford from Australia (originally from the US) to create a piece called "Guide Me Swiftly Home."  In it a weary young adventurer sets sail to return after a long journey to foreign lands, comforted by thoughts of the love that awaits him.
We were honored by our peers to win 1st place in the "Sculptor's Choice" awards.

Colbert  Colbert_08

Stephen Colbert - Myrtle Beach, SC
Sculpture for "The Colbert Report"  on Comedy Central
Team Sandtastic
After completeing two monumental sculptures for the two Presidential Debates (Republican and Democratic) in Myrtle Beach, SC, featuring likenesses of the participants, we were commissioned  to create a one-day stealth sculpture of the "rogue candidate", Stephen Colbert of the "Colbert Report".   Three of us  worked for 10 hours to construct the 9 ft. tall likeness and the Colbert '08 Logo.